Friday, November 30, 2012

Subversion/New tape

Next friday

A weekend lineup full of awesome bands!! too much insanity!!! LA punx will bring the madness! As for merch we will have the Kruel S/t EP, the split flexi with Aspex, and a new tape release 'Esperando el fin'. The tape includes new recordings plus our tracks from the No Tomorrow 4-way split LP and split EP with Unlearn.  
See you in Oakland!

video from gig in south central may 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kruel Live 11/13/10

Here is another live set from us! this one is from our 2011 west coast tour! this set took place in portland@dunes 11/13/10!!W/ Unlearn(canada),nerveskade and free radicalz!!Download and Bootleg!!!!!

Kruel S/T 7" and Kruel/Aspex Split Flexi Updates!!!

So these bad boys should be in our hands in a matter of  2weeks so you'll be able to get copies from us pretty soon!!! We will have both versions available!! contact us at for copies!!!

100 Limited black edition comes on black vinyl and with black on black screen printed covers

Regular one comes on solid silver vinyl and with silver on black screenprinted covers. Both versions include double sided inserts and black dust innesleeves.

Kruel/Aspex Split Flexi Has been mastered and finished all art and tracks have been sent in!!
so we should have them available pretty soon!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012


so its been a while since we've updated the blog but there a few new thing we got
Kruel-Noise Not Music Tapes
Kruel S/T ep out on Crucificados Records
we wont have our copies till the end of the month
100 Black on Black covers with black vinyl
400 Silver on Black covers with silver vinyl

And finally
Aspex/Kruel split flexi out on Konton Crasher
not yet released more info will be posted in later date